Poland’s THROAT stream new collection

Polish black metallers Throat stream the entirety of their forthcoming collection, Blood Exaltation, in advance of its release. Set for international release on February 9th via Primitive Reaction on CD format, hear Throat’s Blood Exaltation in its entirety at Primitive Reaction’s official YouTube channel: THROAT – Blood Exaltation (Full Album – Official) – YouTube

Hailing from the always-vibrant Polish black metal scene, Throat are miasmic morbidity personified. While so many of their domestic contemporaries honor the paradigmatic sounds of the Temple of the Fullmoon, Throat instead mine a wider, wilder style of black metal that looks both east and south. Theirs is a clanging, crunching sound that variously nods to Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, Hungary’s Tormentor, early Samael, and fellow Polish iconoclasts Cultes des Ghoules: catacombed, ancient, unsettling.

To date, Throat released the debut demo New Flesh Nectar in 2020 on the esteemed Fallen Temple label, and now conspire with Primitive Reaction to add that portentous recording with a new EP titled Blood Exaltation. Totaling four tracks in 33 minutes, the Blood Exaltation collection stands as a terrifying testament to Throat’s eldritch black metal horror: a bridge from the past to the present, scorched by fires unknown but reeking of delirium-inducing sulfur all the same. The potency of the two-song Blood Exaltation EP presents the trio in their current sonic incarnation, more gutted and (s-l-o-w-l-y) grinding, a protracted spelunk among shapeshifting landscapes whereby throat, strings, and skin chafe together in a vulgar manner. The earlier New Flesh Nectar demo displays Throat at their most atmospheric; partially due to the distant recording, partially due to more wide-open spaces they were sowing, the two songs on this introductory recording nevertheless retain a palpitating creepiness, particularly when they drop the tempo down to a tribal trudge – an element they’d explore further on this collection’s namesake recording. Shed thy skin for this Blood Exaltation!