POST PROFIT announce Self Defeater EP out November 17

Newly signed SHARPTONE RECORDS band POST PROFIT — Matt Jackson [vocals, guitar], Nick Hawner [guitar +vocals], and Zach Hicks [drums + vocals] — have announced their new, six-song EP, „Self Defeater“, out November 17.

Today, the band has shared the video for „Drug Emporium“. Visually, it’s a youthful romp that will transport you back to those high school afternoons — when you headed for the skateboard and bike ramp as soon as the homeroom bell rang. Musically speaking, if you dig The Deftones and Quicksand, you’ll love Post Profit and their chunky post-hardcore sound.

Post Profit – Drug Emporium – YouTube

„This song is about the growing pains of growing up in the real world,“ the band explains. „While there’s nostalgia in the music, the lyrics are about moving yourself forward and evolving. And since we’re all fans of skateboarding, it only made sense to include it in the video.“