POWER FROM HELL – Primordial Impurity unveiled

In collaboration with Decibel mag, Brazilian band POWER FROM HELL premieres a second song from their upcoming album, „Shadows Devouring Light„. Focusing on the gloomy and eerie elements of Black Metal, ‚Primordial Impurity‚ evokes a particularly hypnotizing atmosphere. The mesmeric rhythm and riffing in combination with the harsh, yet perspicuous vocal lines and the raw production transport the listener directly into the blasphemous soundscapes of the early 90s.

Power From Hell – Primordial Impurity – YouTube

Frontman and composer Sodomic comments on the musical influences that shaped ‚Primordial Impurity‚ and the new album: „It’s hard to define those, but we can separate things into two parts:

Firstly, at the beginning of the band – I am talking about the first 3 or 4 albums – our biggest influence was BATHORY. This does not only account for the music, but also concerning the fact that we did not do live performances at that time. So, all BATHORY albums are very important and a great influence for me, especially in the early years of POWER FROM HELL.

Secondly, with the album „Profound Evil Presence“ we started to include some elements of the second wave of Black Metal in our music and, of course, the Norwegian scene played an important role in this process. Concerning the albums from that period that were important to me, the list is rather extensive. But I can say that the first EMPEROR, DARKTHRONE and SATYRICON albums have a special place in my mind and personal collection.

Lyrically, ‚Primordial Impurity‚ combines the topics of eroticism, death and blasphemy, as Sodomic narrates: „The lyrics are about the eternal human conflict between the sacred and the forbidden in the context of sexual acts, thoughts, and desires. These were seen throughout our history as something heinous by many cultures, people, civilizations and, of course, by most religious doctrines. Many times, this was purely hypocritical since history documents unspeakable sexual acts and sexual crimes in the name of some ‚gods‘.

That kind of sexual rebelliousness imprinted in our DNA is still one of the things that most strongly bothers some people and spreads absolute horror. This theme has haunted humans for millennia. Therefore, here I make a parallel with the parable of the original sin used as a backdrop to describe that from the moment the forbidden fruit is eaten, all human misfortunes, internal and external, begin. I regard it as the first act of absolute impurity, or in other words, the primordial impurity.

The profane feminine is also addressed here in the archetype of the filthy woman, the one who came into this world only to corrupt men, from Eve to Jezebel to the daughters and wives of ‚god’s ministers.‘ There are only two things that never sleep in this world, evil and lust, and therein lies the relationship with the album title: the shadow of desire that never sleeps and is often utterly impure, stalks humans and is able to devour the last spark of an individual’s light.

POWER FROM HELL from São Paulo, Brazil were formed 2001 by main-songwriter Sodomic (ANARKHON) as a raw and primitive studio-only vehicle for early-BATHORY worship, flourishing for 10 years without live activity and releasing a series of cult underground records: „The True Metal“ (2004), „Sadismo“ (2007) and „Spellbondage“ (2009).

In 2010 the band began to draw worldwide attention when Fenriz from DARKTHRONE revealed himself to be a big fan, regularly wearing a shirt of „The True Metal“ and highlighting the band in a succession of interviews and articles. POWER FROM HELL capitalised on the subsequent buzz, growing immeasurably over a well-received sequence of EPs, splits and full-lengths including „Devil’s Whorehouse“ (2015, Hells Headbangers) and „Profound Evil Presence“ (2019, High Roller).

After 20 years, with the band now an established touring entity, the raw Black/Thrash sound of yesteryear gave way to a darker, more complete path within Black Metal, leading to a newly-formed alliance with Debemur Morti Productions. The band’s next album will be released on September 30th, 2022 and promises to scour the depths of the abyss to bring forth what is most disgusting, profane and terrifying to human experience.