Prophecy Fest announce five exciting bands

Prophecy Fest welcome five more exciting bands to the 2024 billing: THIEF, AUREOLE, TCHORNOBOG, AUSTERE, and GERM! All of these acts have in common that they are rarely seen at European events. Two pairs of these new names on the fest roster also represent different forms of musical expressions from the masterminds behind them: This is a shared aspect of AUREOLE and TCHORNOBOG as well as AUSTERE and GERM.

Prophecy Fest will bring dark, forward thinking music with an attitude to one of the world’s most fascinating cultural locations again, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve („Balver Höhle“). The three day event will begin on Thursday, September 5 and it will conclude with a final concert starting before midnight of Saturday, September 7.

Prophecy Fest comment: „One of the main reasons for my decision to start the fest was the fact that some of our groundbreaking signings hardly got a chance to present themselves live in Europe“, fest and label founder Martin Koller explains. „Each of our latest additions to the 2024 edition qualifies for this mission statement. We are thrilled to present these rare treats that have to cross several oceans to come to the Cave of Balve. We strongly recommend not to miss the opportunity to check these creators of new sonic visions out!“

These acts have already been confirmed, with many more to be added in due time (in alphabetical order): ARTHUR BROWN, ARÐ, AUREOLE, AUSTERE, DOOL, EMPYRIUM, FARSOT, FEN, GERM, IN THE WOODS…, PARADISE LOST, PERCHTA, TCHORNOBOG, THIEF, and TRIPTYKON.