Prophecy Fest announce Triptykon and Farsot

Prophecy Fest are thrilled to announce TRIPTYKON for the 2024 billing! The innovators of  dark avant-garde metal will grace the Cave of Balve with a journey to their masterpieces – and as a generous nod to the special location, they will even briefly visit the legendary Celtic Frost classic „Into The Pandemonium“! On more exciting and forward looking news, game-changing black metal outfit FARSOT has also agreed to perform in the cave next year. The Germans will not ‚only‘ bring a brand new album to Balve but also perform a special 25th anniversary show!

Prophecy Fest comment: „When we invite bands from beyond our roster to the label fest, we always aim to have guests that have had a strong influence on the course and development of Prophecy Productions“, founder Martin Koller explains. „The musical genius of Tom Gabriel ‚Warrior‘ Fischer has obviously left a massive mark on both the label and the festival with Celtic Fost and ‚Into the Pandemonium‘ in particular. To be able to welcome his current musical endeavour Triptykon that is again showing a way forward for the metal of coming generations is a great honour. it is very likely that these bands have also influenced Farsot. At least these Germans share this determined artistic will to change the status quo and push all boundaries. We are stoked that Farsot will celebrate their 25th anniversary with us in Balve.“