Prophecy Fest reveal more bands

Prophecy Fest welcome three more bands to perform in the Cave of Balve in 2024: Finland’s psychedelic folk rockers HEXVESSEL have turned towards black metal lately, but they remain as one of the most requested bands by our visitors – and we are more than happy to oblige these wishes. The longships are coming! Iceland’s pagan metal spearheads FORTÍÐ have sealed a contract to grant Prophecy Fest one of their rare appearances and their first German show ever. Anglo-Saxon epic doom veterans SOLSTICE will also bring ancient folklore to the very place were the mythical blacksmith Wayland learned his craft.

Prophecy Fest comment: „Prophecy Fest 2024 is coming nicely together“, fest and label founder Martin Koller writes. „One of our aims is to offer a wide variety of music that represents or has influenced the label. Hopefully, you will agree with us that the billing of 2024 very much fulfils that goal. Only a few slots in the cave and Thursday’s Prophetic Overture remain to be announced, so please watch this space!“

Prophecy Fest will bring dark, forward thinking music with an attitude to one of the most fascinating cultural locations again, the legendary, natural Cave of Balve („Balver Höhle“). The three day event will begin on Thursday, September 5 and it will conclude with a last concert starting before midnight of Saturday, September 7.

These acts have already been confirmed, with a handful more to be added in due time (in alphabetical order): ALCEST & Nicolas Horvath, ARTHUR BROWN, ARÐ, AUREOLE, AUSTERE, DOOL, EMPYRIUM, FARSOT, FEN, FORTÍÐ, GERM, HEXVESSEL, IN THE WOODS…, PARADISE LOST, PERCHTA, SOLSTICE, TCHORNOBOG, THIEF, and TRIPTYKON.

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