REBAELLIUN debuts track from new album

Picture Leandro Cherutti

Brazil’s long-running death metal adepts REBAELLIUN reveal the first song from their forthcoming, first in seven years album, „Under The Sign Of Rebellion“, scheduled for release on September 22nd via Agonia Records. The song is titled „In Heresy We Trust“ and comes as a lyric video: REBAELLIUN – In Heresy We Trust (Official Lyric Video) – YouTube

„Under The Sign Of Rebellion“ is a death metal manifest of anger and defiance, rage and resistance, sparked by the falsehood and corruption that have plagued Brazil in recent years. The album’s intense cannonade of brutal riffing, battering drumming and hard-charging rhythms mirrors the many adversities the three-piece was forced to overcome en route to its completion.

Commented by REBAELLIUN: „When we started the compositions for the next album, we didn’t imagine that we would go through a global pandemic, along with it, a retrograde and conservative uprising here in Brazil; in addition to, over time, a government that proved to be spurious and corrupt. When we started recording, we didn’t have lyrics, because the pandemic had messed up and delayed everyone’s lives, so, in a moment of pure anger for everything that was happening around us, we decided to start recording even without rehearsals. The indignation was so big, that we wanted to vent everything we were feeling. The lyrics were written in opposition to what we here call ‚cidadão de bem‘ or ‚good people‘, exposing the fallacy that is the life of these abject beings. Under The Sign Of Rebellion is an album that tries to demonstrate – through death metal –  the insanities of life.“

„Under The Sign Of Rebellion“ is the last album of REBAELLIUN to feature the late bassist/vocalist Lohy Fabiano (1978-2022), who played on all of the band’s albums except for the debut, „Burn The Promised Land“, from 1999.