RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR – new single/video Rise[ライズ]

Rise Of The Northstar just announced their fourth single, „Rise [ライズ],“ taken off the new album „Showdown“. The video, including the band’s immersive performance parts and candid footage, will take the viewers deeper into ROTN’s unique Japanese shonen manga universe to expand their cult. The result is part of the new Rise Of The Northstar album „Showdown“ and sets the stage for their future triumphs, never-ending (r)evolution, and plenty of headbanging.

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR – Rise [ライズ] (Official Music Video) – YouTube

True to the title, this will be a big one – according to the band, the song defines „Hope. Transform your anger into creative energy. Rise against all.“

Rise Of The Northstar comments, „Probably the most interesting track of this album. Here the ROTN blend achieves a new stage in maturity. It’s emotional yet powerful. Elements that would bring a sporadic melodic depth to older fan favorites here lay the template for the song; while being rhythmed by a crushing bulldozer pattern.“

The brand-new music video for „Rise [ライズ]“ was filmed in Tokyo, Japan, to launch just before the album releases as the band prepares for the upcoming big Impericon Festival show next week. Along many more live shows in Europe, Rise Of The Northstar brings their ferocious dense, and nuanced cuts like in „Showdown“ and „Here Comes The Boom“ to get every moshpit going with cathartic power. The band as a whole proves itself with the forthcoming album as a boundary-destroying force to be reckoned with.