RITVS stream debut at 666MrDoom

Rustic rockers Ritvs stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut album, Der Tag Naht, at the 666MrDoom YouTube channel. Set for international release on December 15th via Dying Victims Productions, hear RitvsDer Tag Naht in its entirety exclusively here: Ritvs – Der Tag Naht (Full Album 2023) – YouTube

Ritvs may be new in name, but their history starts earlier. Under the preceding band name Vvlva, the band released a couple albums and a couple EPs of studiously vintage early hard rock / proto-metal. And the German quintet continue this backwards-looking path with the new moniker Ritvs as a “new” old approach: exquisitely rustic late ‘70s sounds spanning hard rock, prog, AOR, and even late-days krautrock.

This exciting new chapter begins with Der Tag Naht, Ritvs’ debut under that moniker. This time, the Aschaffenburg band decided to only sing in their native German, which both pushes their lyrical boundaries and has a significant impact on their sound. The mostly narrative lyrics take the listener into dark and abysmal worlds that sometimes remind us more of our own world than what we wish for, much like so many great works of ‘70s science fiction did. Dazzling and dynamic in equal measure, the roaring Hammond organ shapes Ritvs’ characteristic sound, which equally rocks and rolls (and even ripples). In interaction with the warm, mossy guitar – both in sound and style – numerous licks and solo sequences are created, which are carried by a groovy rhythm section. During the album’s songwriting, the band put special emphasis on combining catchiness with progressive elements, marrying heft and heaviness with poignant and emotive passages. Truly, across the entirety of Der Tag Naht is it clearly audible that all five members took their time to find the right (rustic) sounds, always reminding of the great late 70’s without sounding dusty or tired. In fact, if there’s one way to characterize the album, it’s alive.