Sable Hills joins Arising Empire family

Arising Empire proudly welcomes Tokyo Riff Lord Sable Hills, a band that has rapidly risen to prominence in Japan’s metal scene. This introduction is perfectly timed with the upcoming release of their new single ‚Odyssey‘, which is set to debut on January 12th. ‚Odyssey‘ is expected to bolster their status as a major player in the metal genre. As the title track of their new album »Odyssey«, set to be released in April 2024, it holds significant promise.

Odyssey (

Sable Hills is charting an exciting new course, marked by the integration of Wataru (Guitarist & Vocalist) into the band. Following their previous single ‚A New Chapter‘, ‚Odyssey‘ will be the latest offering in their evolving musical saga. Both tracks, ‚A New Chapter‘ and the upcoming ‚Odyssey,‘ showcase Wataru’s fresh and engaging vocals, supported by the technical brilliance of Atrium Audio’s Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. These engineers are celebrated for their work with renowned bands such as August Burns Red and Polaris, bringing a refined touch to the band’s sound.