SADIST premieres 30th anniversary Breathin’ Cancer single

Legendary Italian prog death metallers SADIST have re-recorded their classic song „Breathin‘ Cancer“ for the 30th anniversary of the debut album „Above The Light“ (1993). The song is available as a single on all streaming platforms, and has been given a lyric video on YouTube: SADIST – Breathin‘ Cancer (30th Anniversary Edition) – YouTube

The band commented: “As Sadist’s debut album ‘Above The Light’ turns 30 this year, we felt like giving a special gift to all the fans of the band out there! We re-recorded one of the most iconic songs from the album, ‘Breathin‘ cancer’, giving the song a fresh,  brutal and fast new arrangement. For us, a good song is like a good wine, which gets better with age!”

SADIST started out in the early nineties, having emerged from Genoa in Italy. The band went ahead of its time, with an adventurous take on the then-developing progressive death metal subgenre. Its presence was firmly established through an unmistakable style, detectable since the debut installment „Above The Light“ from 1993, as well as following albums: „Tribe“ (1995) and „Crust“ (1997). After the release of „Lego“ (2000), which brought about a temporary shift towards the avant-grade/core spectrum of the genre, SADIST went on a hiatus. The band returned to its proven sonic formula in 2005, having put out four studio albums since, and continues to maintain its epic take on death metal, featuring jazz and Middle-Eastern elements.Their last album, „Firescorched“, was released in 2022.

SADIST played before huge crowds as a support act and opener for such iconic bands as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer or Motorhead, guesting at Olympic stadiums and gaining exposure at high-profile metal festivals as Wacken Open Air (1998), Gods Of Metal (2006 & 2010) or Hellfest (2010). The most recent trek took place in 2019, when the band toured Europe with I Am Morbid, Vital Remains and Atrocity.

Breathin‘ Cancer (30th anniversary edition) was produced by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa (Italy) in January 2023. The song features long-standing members Talamanca (guitars, bass, keyboards & piano) and Trevor (vocals), as well as drummer Romain Gulon (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Benighted). The latter joined the band in 2020 alongside bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura, ex-Pestilence), who remains a member of SADIST, but didn’t partake in the recordings.