SELBST present When True Loneliness…

Despondency Chord Progressions„, the latest masterwork from Latin American Black Metal band SELBST, will be released on April 19th. Part-recorded at the fittingly named Unpleasant Records in Santiago, Chile, the new album consists of seven dynamic compositions which blend introspection and aggression with a mind-altering sense of melody.

As another pre-release taster, SELBST now unveils a second new track from the impending full-length. ‚When True Loneliness is Experienced‚ is a vast and hypnotically engrossing Black Metal soundscape, showcasing the artistic virtuosity of main-composer N. The piece gradually builds in intensity, from an opening of plaintive guitar melodies into crystalline chant-like vocals, vigorous riffing and thunderous drumming.

Selbst – When True Loneliness Is Experienced (

N comments: I couldn’t recall the exact moment when I started developing it because, for me, composition is a very gradual process. I think everything started with the main riff from the intro. Then, I was very inspired by the band CAMEL, a classic. I wasn’t intentionally trying to copy anything from them, but I remember being deeply touched by those guitar solo tones. The guitar is a very magical instrument for me; I just love it, and I wish I could do so much more with it, so for me, it can evoke all kinds of feelings, plenty of reflection. That’s why the intro of this song is very singular in comparison with the rest of the pieces of the album and to the overall feeling of the song. Music allows you to play with moods and sensations by manipulating tempos, intensities, tunings, chords… And this is something that, with my limited knowledge, I am pleased to portray.

The two tracks released in advance certainly show much of what is contained in the album, but not its entirety. I have taken more vocal risks, even achieving things I never thought possible before, as in my previous album, where I had to invite someone to sing certain parts. It’s interesting that those who listen to this album knowing my previous work may feel that they have been growing and maturing musically with me. Music is a constant process of learning and evolving, and sometimes artists are not very willing to embrace it.

Lyrically, ‚When True Loneliness is Experienced‚ resonates with the band’s long-established melancholy aesthetic, as N elucidates: We all are born and die alone. And for much of our lives, many of us will truly be alone for long periods. But by this, I mean much more than just momentary or occasional physical loneliness; here I refer to the feeling of being so tremendously and bitterly alone that, no matter how many individuals you may have around you, you never truly feel reflected in anyone, which only isolates and feeds your self-contempt. And this is due to your own alienated nature, which does not allow you to feel any deep and hopeful closeness.