SELBST unveil full album stream

Prior to its official release on April 19th, Latin American Black Metal project SELBST reveals a complete stream of next-level new album „Despondency Chord Progressions„. The band’s third offering consists of seven tracks, each one a riveting expression of fresh, focused and fervent Black Metal. The album enhances the band’s trademark passionate and ‚dissonant‘ sound with added layers of complex depth, increased melodicism and elevated songwriting acumen.

Discover the album through the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel: Selbst – Despondency Chord Progressions (Full Album Premiere) (

In dialogue with Hungary’s Hammerworld magazine, composer and multi-instrumentalist N, discusses his new artistic creation: „The new album is nothing more than the result of what has been flowing within me over time when I am alone with my guitar and my thoughts. I am a person with somewhat varied musical tastes, so perhaps, unconsciously, I wanted this to be reflected in a new work. I can assure you that I don’t make an exhaustive plan when I start composing; I just let things come to the surface and try out certain „textures,“ so there is a lot of trial and error in the process. After finishing composing „Relatos…“ I remember being very creatively exhausted, and this is something that happens every time I finish a new work. So, it takes me time to take back the reins of composition. Still, I have always been composing some ideas and playing because it is important to consider Picasso’s advice, if I’m not mistaken, that creativity must find you working. I always apply it.“