SEPTAGE premiere new track at Decibel magazine’s website

Danish deathgrinders Septage premiere the new multi-part track „Septic Baptism / Bushmeat Banquet / Transilience of Parasitic Infestation (Septic Engorgement)“ at Decibel magazine’s website. The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated debut album, Septic Worship, set for international release on March 29th: Me Saco Un Ojo Records will handle the vinyl release, Dark Descent the CD version, and Extremely Rotten the cassette tape.

Partial Album Premiere: Septage – „Intolerant Spree of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship)“ (

Denmark’s deathgrinding brutes Septage blazed a trail in the underground with two lacerating EPs and a split with Hyperdontia. Now they present their decayed debut full-length, Septic Worship.

Abrasive noise and ecstatic grooves intertwine in a rotten cacophony, swaying like a bloated carcass in a stagnating swamp pool. The fetid hooks and miasmic spew of Septage’s rancid music instantly permeate the air with an odor of decompositional fluids. Ravenous vocals flood the gargantuan instrumentals with even more primitive aggression, ensuring a visceral experience across the board. Their septic splendor knowing no remorse, expect to have your skull trepanned by each of these vicious pieces of musical disgust.

Still surviving? That is quite unfortunate…Septage will fix that. If your cranium can withstand the bludgeoning bubonic death metal, then the piercing drill of grinding fury will surely remove any slimy grey brain matter that lives on. Across these 15 songs of sewer-ridden sadism, Septage show that their EPs were not mere lightning in a bottle, but a promise for one of the most deranged and malicious debut albums of the grindcore world. Destroying all opposition, gurgling in their own rancid offal, this trio form something inarguably unpleasant on the air. Torture yourself with the infectious sounds of Septic Worship. [text by Jørgen Sven Kirby, Nattskog webzine]