SIG:AR:TYR presents new song Ascending the Stellar Throne

SIG:AR:TYR and Hammerheart Records proudly presents the new song „Ascending the Stellar Throne“, new album „Citadel of Stars“ and pre-orders! “Citadel of Stars” is a landmark album. It is an experience you have never heard before, a journey to the stars!

SIG:AR:TYR – Ascending The Stellar Throne (

Mastermind Daemonskald has completely outdone himself with the new album „Citadel of Stars“. If you have not heard the previous four albums (SIG:AR:TYR is active since 2003) you should think of Bathory, Primordial, Emperor and Agalloch. “Citadel of Stars” will be released on 2-LP and on 2-CD (with the 2003 demo “The Stranger” as a bonus CD).