SLAGMAUR to be joined by Snorre Ruch (THORNS) live on stage

Norwegian black metal visionaries SLAGMAUR urge to prepare for a descent into the abyss of sonic malevolence at Unholy Congregation! At this year’s edition of the Belgian festival in the city of Oudenaarde during the first bleak meteorological winter days of December, SLAGMAUR swear to bring their infernal symphony to the heart of black metal worship. The Norwegians will be joined by Northern legend and THORNS mastermind Snorre Ruch on stage.

Snorre aka Blackthorn is widely credited as the creator of the most influential Nordic black metal guitar sound on the 1991 THORNS demo „Grymyrk“. Combined with the riffing and concepts of MAYHEM’s Øystein „Euronymous“ Aarseth, this sound has become the very foundation of at first Norwegian black metal and consequently worldwide.

SLAGMAUR will release their forthcoming fourth full-length via Prophecy Productions.

SLAGMAUR comment: „Prepare for a ritual of unparalleled intensity, as the legendary THORNS, led by the enigmatic Snorre Ruch, descend upon the Unholy Congregation“, mastermind General Gribbsphiiser declares. „A giant of black metal history, THORNS are an icon who rarely, if ever, have graced the stage. Witness this extremely rare event as Snorre will join SLAGMAUR for an unholy collaboration that will transcend your wildest nightmares. This year, we summon darkness like never before!“

THORNS state: „Human vermin be ready to be holed up“, Snorre Ruch warns. „We are ready for Unholy Congregation. Finally, the long-desired second Thorns album, the infinite and absolute apex of the metal legend’s total singularity is about to consume your pity planet! From the spinning Sagitarius A-Hole evolving Sagitarius B-Star is thrown across the Milky Way from its dead center and pounding your way! Aldrahn and Snorre on vocals being guested by Slagmaur’s Dr. Von Hellreich with special appearances of Satyr and The Sulphur Sisters will stuff incomprehensible truths into your Primate earholes!“

01/02 DEC 2023 Oudenaarde (BE) Harmonie, Unholy Congregation 5