SPIRITUAL FRONT release digital Studio Live Session 2023

Italian dark pop instigators SPIRITUAL FRONT release video recordings of a „Studio Live Session 2023“ on YouTube: Spiritual Front – Studio Live Session 2023 – YouTube

SPIRITUAL FRONT comment: „We have always loved the idea of making a studio live session“, writes singer Simone Salvatori. „There just never seemed to be time to do it, until an occasion presented when the Merlo studio in Rome offered to join forces for a live studio event that they planned and released during the past months. Finally there was a chance to do a recording also for those fans that were never able to see us live. Well, this is not a ‚proper live setting‘ with an audience in front of the stage, but it still captures the raw essence of our classic hits. We aim to film more shows in future, even though we strongly believe that the true spirit of live sound must be felt with skin to skin, and heart to heart. Let’s see about this later, but in the meantime, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy this!“