SUMMONING THE LICH announce new album

St Louis, Missouri fantasy-driven technical death metal band SUMMONING THE LICH has announced their sophomore album, Under The Reviled Throne, which is to be released via Prosthetic Records on July 26. Alongside the album announcement, the band has shared the lead single and accompanying music video, My Horrors Unending: 


Speaking on the album announcement, David Bruno (vocals) comments: “We are beyond excited to finally announce our next album with Prosthetic Records, Under The Reviled Throne. After conquering his enemies in the Kingdom of Rodor the Lich has succumb to his own madness and now targets dominion over all of the planet Arrias. This album tells of his horrific conquest of the continent as he makes his way to the eastern kingdom of Bastell intent on humanity’s destruction, the gathering of those who will stand against his wrath, and visions of the past events that have led us to these darkened days.

„This album thematically is definitely darker in tone than United In Chaos and we worked really hard to match the Lich’s ferocity and malevolence sonically whilst still trying to write catchy fun death metal. We returned to our producer wizard Jack Daniels at The Armory Recording Co who helped guide us and was instrumental in crafting this beast along with editing and programming assistance from Elisha Mullins. Then of course the master wizard John Douglass crushed it as well and made this thing really come to life”

Of My Horrors Unending, Bruno continues: „My Horrors Unending is one of my personal favorite songs we’ve written. It’s heavy as hell while keeping the energy high as the Kingdom of Bastell learns of the Lich’s imminent approach with his massive army of Sin, Witches, and corrupted humankind; all told by a messenger from their front line of defense. It’s also really the tipping point right before a major shift in the album and offers a solid representation of the tone of the album as a whole.”