Sweden’s DEAD EARTH set release date for debut

Chaos Records announces February 16th, 2024 as the international release date for the striking debut album of Sweden’s Dead EarthEt Disperdam Illud, on CD format: Et Disperdam Illud | DEAD EARTH | Chaos Records (bandcamp.com)

Dead Earth is the work of the incredibly prolific Mathias Kamijo. The Swede is most known for long-running black metallers Algaion, but the man also was a live member for Hypocrisy during the latter half of the ’90s and played on Nephenzy Chaos Order’s cult-classic Pure Black Disease among many other endeavors. While Algaion have mostly situated their style as a Swedish approximation of the classic Greek black metal sound, with Dead Earth does Kamijo drive deeper into the dark waters of classic melodic black metal, moving at many speeds but always with a burning-cold melodicism draped equally in devotion and atmosphere.

Originally released on vinyl in November 2022, Et Disperdam Illud is Dead Earth’s debut album, composed and performed almost entirely by Kamijo. Alongside him here are a wealth of guest vocalists: Henke Forss of Sweden’s legendary Dawn, Björn Larsson of Mordbrand and God Macabre, Thomas Clifford of Abscession and Throne of Heresy, Witchery’s Angus Norder, and Kristin Starkey of Italy’s Temperance. Drums are performed by Kim Arnell (Morifade, Prime Creation), and some guest leads come from master shredder Toby Knapp and Dark Funeral’s Chaq Mol. Even with such an illustrious lineup of contributors, Kamijo’s songwriting shines through; with equal parts class, grace, grit, and gleam, the shimmering obsidian spires of sound Dead Earth create enflame the soul with a timeless sensation of emotional metallic might, cold and old. The production is suitably sharp and streamlined, imparting razor-sharp clarity to these eight tracks of snowdrifted beauty.

Now finally available on CD, witness a new torchbearer of classic Swedish melodic black metal with Dead Earth’s Et Disperdam Illud!