Swiss metalcore act Vicious Rain release Crown Of Thorns

Swiss metalcore act Vicious Rain have released their third single ‚Crown Of Thorns‘, along with a stunning video via Arising Empire. Fronted by vocalist David Häusermann, guitarist and vocalist Mauro Gugerli, guitarist Tristan Meier, bassist Loris De Notaristefano and drummer Michael Teufelberger, the band‘s dedication to their craft and the sheer passion they exude leaves no doubt that their future is bright.

VICIOUS RAIN – Crown of Thorns (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

‚Crown Of Thorns‘ promises to be a compelling addition to the Vicious Rain’s growing catalog, showcasing the band‘s emotional depth and raw power. Following the path paved by their second single ‚Blackout‘, the Swiss quintet showcase their unwavering commitment to expressing raw emotions, pouring their heart and soul into every note.

‚Crown Of Thorns‘ echoes the notion that evading one’s challenges can lead to greater troubles, ultimately exacerbating the situation. Yet, it also sparks an awakening to face the uncertainties, initiating a path towards healing and self-exploration.” says guitarist and vocalist Mauro Gugerli.

„‚Crown Of Thorns‘ is an introspective anthem. It channels the raw frustration of grappling with personal stagnation and the difficulty of changing for the better. It‘s a poignant reflection on the challenge of holding onto memories of better times while recognising that toxic patterns can affect one‘s own mental well-being.“ – David Häusermann (vocals)