THE AMENTA – new EP & first song

Two years after their ferocious comeback work „Revelator„, Australian Extreme Metal innovators THE AMENTA present new EP „Plague Of Locus„. Boasting ten tracks, this ambitious 40 min+ EP features new compositions and a diverse selection of cover songs that have inspired the band’s existence.

Plague Of Locus“ contains unique takes on tracks by local Black Metal curios NAZXUL and LORD KAOS, global alternative legends DIAMANDA GALAS, ALICE IN CHAINS and KILLING JOKE, and stylistically varied artists WOLF EYES, HALO and MY DYING BRIDE.

01. Intro
02. Sono l’Anticristo (DIAMANDA GALAS cover)
03. Asteroid (KILLING JOKE cover)
04. Angry Chair (ALICE IN CHAINS cover)
05. Plague Of Locus
06. A Million Years (WOLF EYES cover)
07. Crystal Lakes (LORD KAOS cover)
08. Rise (HALO cover)
09. Totem (NAZXUL cover)
10. Black God (MY DYING BRIDE cover)

To enter the atmosphere of the forthcoming EP, THE AMENTA now unveil an eerie and obscure video clip for their self-composed title track: The Amenta – Plague of Locus (Official Film Clip) – YouTube