THE AMENTA release new EP

Following 2021’s extraordinary „Revelator“ album and „Solipschism“ companion EP, Australian extremists THE AMENTA bring forth a new work. „Plague Of Locus“ – a 42-minute EP featuring a combination of originals and cover versions of artists which have inspired their inventive existence – is now officially released on vinyl and digital: The Amenta – Plague Of Locus (Full album) – YouTube

Composer and keyboard player Timothy Pope comments: „Plague Of Locus“ is a very special recording for us. So many artists and bands over the years have been inspirational to us and our brand of ugly extreme music, it feels right to take some time to pay tribute to just some of these artists, by taking their original tracks and warping them in our own filthy way. This release features tributes to bands who were both inspirations and local heroes/friends such as the twisted black metal of NAZXUL and the crystalline brutality of LORD KAOS, or local artists who were still mysterious to us like the Melbourne noise/doom duo HALO. Of course, there are some international, well known, inspirations here too. I’m sure we are not the only extreme band inspired by ALICE IN CHAINS or KILLING JOKE. I am particularly proud of our cover of DIAMANDA GALAS‚ ‚Sono L’Antichristo‚. Erik reworked it into a black metal epic and it works perfectly with the original lyrics. I am looking forward to hearing how the WOLF EYES cover divides people!