THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET – album details & first track

THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET’s forthcoming album, „Miserere„, is the deepest, bleakest, most contemplative emission to-date from prolific composer Jason Köhnen (CELESTIAL SEASON, BONG-RA, MANSUR, ex-THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE). This mesmerizing new long player is the devilish counterpart to the operatic chamber jazz-noir of 2021’s „In Memoriam“ and the aural embodiment of the artist’s research into philosophy, antiquity, mythology and hermeticism.

01. Miserere [Opus I]-Occulta
02. Miserere [Opus II]-Domine
03. Miserere [Opus III]-Sanctum
04. Miserere [Opus IV]-Sacrificium
05. Miserere [Opus V]-Humiliatum
06. Miserere [Opus VI]-Libera

The music on „Miserere“ was composed and produced by Jason Köhnen. James Plotkin (AMENRA, ELECTRIC WIZARD, OLD MAN GLOOM) took care of the mastering. The front cover painting, ‚Kathleen‚ by David Jagger, was re-worked by Jason Köhnen.

Allowing a first glimpse into the coming long player, THE LOVECRAFT SEXTET unveil the album’s opener. ‚[Opus I]-Occulta‚ carefully assembles the musical ingredients for a classic Requiem à la Verdi with avantgarde and noisy tunes. Slowly and thoughtfully evolving, the harsh and grim temper of Black Metal interwoven with a subtle noir atmosphere and the grandeur of neo classical arrangements define the five-minute-long composition.

The Lovecraft Sextet – Occulta – YouTube