THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION – new album Goodnight My Children

Indomitable Australian rockers THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION return with their sixth album „Goodnight My Children“! The collection of feverish nighttime stories set to uproarious pure rock with a pop twist, to be released on March 8th 2024 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Inspired by the carefree and reckless Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, „Goodnight My Children“ finds THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION leaning into the poppier regions of their sound (think the Sunset Strip merging with late 1970s radio rock). The album’s eight cuts bang and mash with pure rock fervor, complete with roaring guitar solos and the always-memorable, convincing, enticing and mesmerizing “The Imperial Priestess,” otherwise known as Screamin’ Loz Sutch, on lead vocals.

Sutch’s spellbinding vocal performance lent perfectly to the theme of „Goodnight My Children“, which symbolizes a collection of nighttime stories that, no matter how horrifying, leave the listener in the caring embrace of Sutch, the Imperial Priestess. And, as an added bonus, fans will be treated to an illustrated book of fairy tales that will accompany the release.

A video clip for the first new single, the album’s opening track „Let Us Begin“, is available here: THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION – LET US BEGIN – YouTube