TheCityIsOurs release video for In The Dark

TheCityIsOurs have released their new single ‚In The Dark‘ via Arising Empire. Continuing their exploration of deep and evocative themes, the track follows previous single ‚Shame‘, and delves further into the complexities of personal and societal challenges.


This new track builds upon the emotional narrative established in ‚Shame‘, offering a compelling blend of powerful melodies and introspective lyrics, highlighting the ongoing journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.

With ‚In the Dark‘, TheCityIsOurs reaffirm their commitment to shedding light on the struggles many face in silence, providing a source of comfort and solidarity through their music.

Vocalist Oli Duncanson comments: „[‚In The Dark‘ is] About building up a wall to keep yourself safe by creating a fake image of yourself to make your family happy, growing up being told by society that I’d always be a disappointment because of my sexuality, something I can’t control. So I’d try to hide it and do anything to not cause any sort of disappointment in anything that I can control.

„The pressure of upholding that image builds up to a point where it feels you can’t go back and completely shatter your own family’s perception of you. No matter how much I’d planned it out and got to a point where I was going to tell them, nothing would ever come out, I feel guilty because your life is a lie to people who are supposed to love you unconditionally. And no matter how irrational I knew the fear of telling them was and how frustrated with myself I’d get for not being able to tell them, I could never get the words out. 

„Your friends and potentially people who barely know you still know you more than family, which isn’t fair. It feels like you can’t progress as a person as you condition yourself to keep your walls built up, unable to let anyone in.“