THIEF unveil new video single Paramnesia

Trigger warning: The new THIEF video ‚Paramnesia‘ documents paranormal activity that may cause anxiety and horror with some viewers. Please proceed with care when watching the second single taken from the Los Angeles-based experimental electronic project’s forthcoming album Bleed, Memory„, which is scheduled for release on April 19, 2024.

Thief – Paramnesia [Official Music Video] – YouTube

THIEF comment: „In 2020 my father started to show signs of dementia“, mastermind Dylan Neal elaborates on the serious personal background of the video clip. „Two years later, while moving him to be closer to family, I wrote most of the lyrics for this track while sitting in his empty kitchen as I watched him slip between our reality and some fantastical world of fear. ‚Paramnesia‘ is a disorder which causes a person to be unable to distinguish between real memories and those of fantasy. Sonically, this track features a searing industrial chorus framed by witch house granular synths while being driven by bouncing, gritty breakbeats. Visually, in the accompanied music video, I swim, an only child, through his frigid unknown waters of consciousness and fantastical confusion.“