Those Who Bring The Torture’s Towards Decay

The Swedish death metal band Those Who Bring The Torture has recently released their ninth album, „Towards Decay,“ on December 20. Originally formed in 2007 and evolving into a solo project by Rogga Johansson in 2023, the band continues to assert its presence in the death metal genre.

Those Who Bring The Torture – Enter The Foul – YouTube

„Towards Decay“ comprises nine tracks that showcase a furious blend of death metal, drawing from the old Swedish sounds akin to Hypocrisy and infused with American-style death metal riffs. Each track is distinct, embodying themes of hate and violence, with slower segments adding a sense of ominous foreboding.

The band describes the album as a journey through hate and violence, paying homage to their roots while forging a unique path in the death metal landscape. „Towards Decay“ is a testament to the band’s refined and brutal style.