THOTCRIME share two new remixes of Tweet This!

THOTCRIME have shared two new remixes of Tweet This!, taken from their latest album D1G1T4L_DR1FT. The remixes shine a light on the cybergrind group’s electronic hardcore influences, with drummer Dot Homler’s Sacred Fawn project also providing a remix of the track.


Speaking on the remixes, Malady Jane (guitar) comments: „For these remixes we wanted to showcase some of our own work on this song. The „hardcore mix“ is a version of the track closer to what you might hear if you see us live, with the electronics pared back and heavy drums and guitar brought to the fore. Sacred Fawn is the alias of our very own Dot Homler, who reworked the track into a lo-fi footwork/breakcore style.“

THOTCRIME’s prolific output to date has seen the band generate a buzz in online music communities and garner praise from Bandcamp Daily in the publication’s profile on the burgeoning cybergrind movement at large. D1G1T14L_DR1FT, the follow up to 2020s ønyøurcømputer, sees THOTCRIME continue to gleefully abandon genre convention in favour of boundless individuality and invention. Of the 13 tracks, THOTCRIME boast features from Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys, Katie Davies of Pupil Slicer, Aki McCullough of Dreamwell and diana starshine.