TRELLDOM ink contract with Prophecy Productions

Norwegian cult black metal act TRELLDOM have inked their signatures under a multi-album contract with Prophecy Productions. TRELLDOM will release their fourth full-length and long-awaited successor toTil minne…“ (2007) via the label this year.

TRELLDOM comment: „It is important to find the right collaboration partners as well as someone who respects and partly understands what we want to convey at all times, which Martin and the people in his company do – art must always come first!“, guitarist Stian Kårstad emphatically stresses. „Therefore as Trelldom we are very much looking forward to continuing our journey with Prophecy Productions.“

Prophecy Productions state: „Working with an outstanding artist such as the Norwegian vocalist Gaahl and his legendary band Trelldom is both a privilege and an obligation to get everything exactly right“, the label’s founder Martin Koller declares. „We are all thrilled to welcome Trelldom to our roster and it is no exaggeration when I mention that we have many die-hard fans in this company.“