TSATTHOGGUA set release date for surprise comeback album

Osmose Productions announces May 31st as the international release date for Tsatthoggua’s surprise comeback album, We Are God, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. We Are God, the third full-length by the German band Tsatthoggua, is aimed at all the perverted black sado-crazies out there. The original line-up of the band has reunited after more than 20 years to kick some ass and dominate. In true black love, they are once again signed to the renowned Osmose Productions and offer you nine brutally hellish, blasphemous black terror tracks of the bizarre kind for 40 minutes.

TSATTHOGGUA „Master Morality“ (official video clip) (youtube.com)

The anthems of hate and contempt were recorded and mixed at the infamous Rambado recording studio. Incredibly, powerfully mastered by the fantastic D. Koehne, the new songs promise pure glorious ecstasy.

With this release, Tsatthoggua are taking a completely new path with their bizarre art paired with the inimitable chaotic style of years past. The next extraordinary artwork was designed by the fantastic artist MorphArts and shows in his art the clear demarcation from everything known from this and past days.

With We Are God, Tsatthoggua show once again that there is no paradise for human sheep. It will pass the time until salvation.