VEMOD reveal lyric visualiser of new single Inn i lysande natt

VEMOD reveal a lyric visualiser of the second singleInn i lysande natt‚ („Into a Shining Night“), which is taken from the Norwegian darkgaze metal pioneers‚ forthcoming album „The Deepening„. The sophomore full-length is scheduled for release on January 19, 2024: Vemod – Inn i lysande natt [Official Lyric Video] – YouTube

VEMOD comment: „Our next single, ‚Inn i lysande natt‘ was one of the later compositions for ‚The Deepening‘, and like much of our music it came in a sudden rush of inspiration, to be later shaped and molded into its final form through repeated play during our rehearsal sessions as a trio“, mastermind Jan Even Åsli explains. „The track represents a different approach towards how to create an atmosphere fitting Vemod. The stylistic combination of different elements is not unfamiliar for us as a band, but this one might feel somewhat novel for our listeners. In our minds, ‚Inn i lysande natt‘ evokes images of vast mountains and the grand skies above them. There, mind and matter melt together into one momentous, fully integrated experience of life.“