VITRIOL kündigen neues Album Suffer & Become an

Picture Peter Beste

Das Death Metal-Bataillon VITRIOL kündigt an sein zweites Album „Suffer & Become“ am 26. Januar 2024 über Century Media Records zu veröffentlichen! Zur Feier des Anlasses erscheint die emotionsgeladene erste Single „The Flowers of Sadism“ zusammen mit einem Musikvideo:

VITRIOL – The Flowers Of Sadism (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

VITRIOL Gitarrist und Sänger Kyle Rasmussen erklärt das sehr persönliche Thema der Single: „‚Flowers‘ explores the topic of early developmental trauma and the resulting emotional alchemy that can lead to the development of sadistic impulses. While not being an ideal strategy in the presence of healthier alternatives, embracing my more vicious instincts was the key to my psychological and emotional survival at a time when my environment was both hostile and inescapable. It marks the beginning of a complicated journey of seduction by the necessary evils adopted in the pursuit of that survival.“