Vomiting Death Doom Infests Tchornobog And Abyssal’s new split

Any track opening with a multi-layered recording of a number of vomiting sessions is bound to continue on the darker side of the musical spectrum. TCHORNOBOG’s epic ‚The Vomiting Choir‘ delivers 24:08 minutes that form a descending spiral into a bottomless pit filled with a mostly dissonant sonic miasma of pure negativity and surprising complexity. Rounding out the split are the UK’s blackened doom masters ABYSSAL who offer a jaw dropping cursed offering that looms larger than life. Experience if for yourself here: Tchornobog & Abyssal – Split (spkr.media)

TCHORNOBOG continue down different paths that lead from their assumed position on the crossroads of death, doom, and black metal. Friends of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, and ULCERATE will quite likely recognise the general direction, but the American outfit from Portland, Oregon is charting a course of their very own through these extremely dark musical waters. Those who sail in his wake, might also encounter the ghost of early MOTÖRPSYCHO among many other wondrous encounters.

TCHORNOBOG were called into existence by Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Markov Soroka, who distilled the band out of another project under the name ETERNIUM (2011-2014) in the year 2014. Soroka is also known for other projects such as AUREOLE, DROWN, and KRUKH.

For their part, ABYSSAL manage to unveil excellent cinematic ambiance with a slow burning eruption of cold doom into full-on classic death metal. Drawing influence from dark heavy atmospheric Nordic metal tastes as well as majestic blackened doom, the doom death climax of their side of the split will leave listeners questioning their sanity.