WEREWOLVES share visualizer for Brace for Impact

Australia’s angriest, WEREWOLVES have released their fourth album, My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me, via Prosthetic Records. The death metal trio’s latest full-length is an uncompromising slab of extreme metal brutality, featuring songs that rage against the metal scene, themselves, nuclear destruction and abuses of power.

Picture: Rob Brens (Black Cow Productions)


Speaking on the album release, bassist/vocalist Sam Bean (also of The Antichrist Imperium, The Berzerker) comments: „EAT BLASTBEATS YOU FUCKING SKIDMARKS. WEREWOLVES triumphantly crawls up your urinary tract to hatch our fourth album, My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me, in your bladder.“

Contemplating the release, Bean continues: „Sorry, that came out wrong. We’re overjoyed to humbly offer our fourth release for your enjoyment. We trust that you’ll find that we’ve continued the run of growth and quality that we’ve become known for, and won’t disappoint any of you. We hope that you find this album a refreshing and enlightening listen that brings you endless joy. The satisfaction of our fans is paramount. We love you. We love all of you.“

Finally adding: „…shitcunts.“

My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me is the mature effort of a band approaching the midpoint of both their career and their lives, fine-tuning audio violence and desperate to leave nothing on the table before the hormones fade and dementia kicks in. Opener Under The Ground is an apoplectic death metal middle finger to the genre and all involved within it. Title track My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me demonstrates that the band have absolutely no intention of slowing down at all, while Destroyer Of Worlds is a slow creepfest that makes a lie of the previous sentence. Elsewhere, songs like Brace For Impact and Neanderhell demonstrate that WEREWOLVES are only getting more rabid with age – the BPM is appropriately crazed WEREWOLVES fare.