WITHOUT PEACE to release Crash and Burn LP

Without Peace emerged in September 2021 when Rupa (Zimkus) and (Michael) Kingshott connected at a Quicksand show in New Jersey. United by a love for hardcore, their meeting set the stage for something special. Rupa had just written a four-song demo and was looking for like-minded members to breathe life into the songs that he wrote – leading to the birth of Without Peace.

Rupa and Kingshott, found an instant musical spark during their very first practice session. It was clear – they were meant to create together. Kingshott recruited Tyler and Sam, and later enlisted Dylan into their ranks, bringing their shared passion for hardcore to the band.

Without Peace draws inspiration from legendary New Jersey Hardcore bands such as Floorpunch (Kingshott’s former band) and Blind Justice. Their sound also pays homage to such bands as Underdog, Backtrack, Outburst, and Mental.

Without Peace proudly represents New Jersey, with members from various parts of the state – Kingshott, Tyler, Dylan, and Sam from the Jersey Shore (Point Pleasant and Toms River), and Rupa from the Brunswick area of New Jersey.

Without Peace is not just a hardcore band; it’s a testament to the transformative power of music, unity, and friendship. Their music is raw and in your face traditional hardcore influenced by the rich tapestry of New Jersey. Be prepared to be immersed in their unapologetically hardcore sound as Without Peace continues to leave their mark on the music scene.