WORSHIPPER drop new single Heroic Dose

WORSHIPPER drop a psychdelic lyric video featuring the super heavy track ‚Heroic Dose‘ as the next single taken from the Boston psychedelic hard rockers‚ forthcoming third album „One Way Trip“ which is scheduled for release on July 19, 2024.

Worshipper – Heroic Dose [Official Lyric Video] (youtube.com)

WORSHIPPER comment on ‚Heroic Dose‘: „This is the final song that we wrote for the record, and probably the most personal for me“, guitarist and singer John Brookhouse reveals. „I lost my dad in 2022, and one of the last conversations that we had was about his time in Vietnam. As I was writing the lyrics for this song, I realized that I had all of these remarkable stories, which he had told me about that period of time. Essentially, he flunked out of college, and in the midst of a ’spirit journey‘ he realized that he needed to enroll in the Army to avoid being drafted. I cannot even imagine being faced with such a grave decision. I made a bunch of war sounds with a Moog and a theremin that my dad gave me and handed them over to our producer, Alec Rodriguez. Alec just nailed the sound design, especially when mixed with all the acid fuzz freakout stuff at the end over Jarvis‘ excellent drum fills.“