WOTHROSCH release soundscape track and kick off exhibition Odium Magno

The Athenian-based extreme act WOTHROSCH will present their latest release „Odium“ through the medium of photography! In collaboration with photographer Jane Fotou, WOTHROSCH are hosting an exhibition entitled “Odium Magno”, where each track of the record is represented by a single photograph, encapturing its lyrical themes.

Furthermore, the exhibition is accompanied by a newly-composed musical piece, once again entitled, “Odium Magno” which acts as the album’s alter-ego and stands as a reflection of how “Odium” would sound, if it existed in a parallel universe. Thus, transforming the whole photographic exhibition, into a multi-media art installation.

The new music is now streaming: WOTHROSCH – Odium Magno (Official Track Stream) – YouTube

Like the album, “Odium Magno” aims to explore the darkest facets of the human condition and to take those who experience it, through the shadows and farthest depths of their inmost abyss.

“Odium Magno”, will be hosted by the Art Zone 42 Gallery in Athens (GR), from the 18th – 27th of January 2024 and is free to visit.