WREKTOMB set release date for debut

On April 5th internationally, Personal Records is proud to present Wrektomb’s highly anticipated debut album, Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing, on CD format.

The sarcophagus has cracked, releasing the sulfuric putrefaction of Wrektomb’s first full-length recording after one EP, Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing. Nick Krostoff and his faithful companion Vera Kätzin bring warnings from the next realm that oblivious and prideful humans must not overestimate their place in the cosmic hierarchy while Dieter Itis sets the cadence as this dire procession marches back into the earth from which it came.

Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing | WREKTOMB | Personal Records (bandcamp.com)

With Krostoff as crypt-keeper, each song tells a gory and depraved tale: human deviants engaged in self-mutilation to feel something other than apathy and disdain. With crushing force, the Red Heifer, the Divine bovine, tramples temples and pulverizes the pride of arrogant, unsuspecting victims for their misplaced worship. Time travel through the multiverse is exploited by an impulse to sire linage across time and space. Modernity’s zeitgeist ruled by indoctrination with vapid values of the psychopath’s all-consuming black hole of derangement – unable to satiate the hunger for carnage and the carnal – culminating in a reflection on defeat, finding the meaning of life in the decomposition of the flesh: the height of human achievement in transforming into feed for the corvids and carrion-eaters of the sky.

At times an ornate marble mausoleum, at times a spartan gravel grave mound, meditate on the melodies of doom before they are once again lost to the underworld.