ZAKK SABBATH announce Doomed Forever Forever Doomed

Chart-storming and star-studded BLACK SABBATH tribute band ZAKK SABBATH return with new double full-length „Doomed Forever Forever Doomed“, which contain their brilliant takes on the Birmingham Four’s classic heavy metal masterpieces „Paranoid“ (1970) and „Master of Reality“ (1971). „Doomed Forever Forever Doomed“ has been scheduled for release on March 1, 2024.

ZAKK SABBATH are back with an even more massive dose of pure BLACK SABBATH worship! Celebrating more than 50 years of Birmingham ’s most famous four, the ‚inventors‘ of heavy metal are being honoured by the preeminent tribute trio led by guitarist and singer Zakk Wylde with the double album „Doomed Forever Forever Doomed“. This loving tribute contains the Americans‘ brilliant take on BLACK SABBATH’s second and third full-lengths, the classic heavy metal masterpieces „Paranoid“ (1970) and „Master of Reality“ (1971).

ZAKK SABBATH were founded by BLACK LABEL SOCIETY guitarist and singer Zakk Wylde, who is widely renowned for his many years as lead guitarist for OZZY OSBOURNE and now PANTERA, as a tribute to the English heavy metal pioneers BLACK SABBATH.

Initially playing shows with a rotating lineup, ZAKK SABBATH released a 12″ EP entitled „Live in Detroit“ in 2017.

Having solidified a stable cast with the addition of OZZY OSBOURNE and ROB ZOMBIE bass player Blasko and Joey Castillo on drums (also of DANZIG and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE), ZAKK SABBATH were inspired by the 50th anniversary of BLACK SABBATH’s self-titled debut full-length, tellingly released on Friday the 13th in 1970, to enter the studio for a proper homage to a record which changed music forever.

In a productive DIY process, the songs of the „Black Sabbath“ album were faithfully recorded live in the studio following the spirit of the original, which was famously captured in just one day in 1969. ZAKK SABBATH respectfully added their own flair to make for a slightly different flavour, revisiting various live renditions and extending a solo here or slowing things down there, because that’s what the originators tended to do on stage.

ZAKK SABBATH released their tribute to the monumental heavy metal milestone under the title „Vertigo“ in 2020, a nod to BLACK SABBATH’s legendary label Vertigo Records.

„Vertigo“ was heaped with praise from critics and fans alike.  The trio’s first full-length also became a massive global success, underscored by impressive Billboard chart entries such as #5 on the US Hard Music chart, #7 on the Current Rock Albums chart and #27 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. Abroad, it was ranked #1 in Metal Albums in France and #3 on the German Album chart, as well as #9 on the UK Top 40 Rock/Metal chart.

Love will get you far, and pure passion for classic metal drives ZAKK SABBATH beyond all else. With the double album „Doomed Forever Forever Doomed“, they erect an even more monolithic monument to BLACK SABBATH than before. Time to bang heads again to these beautifully revisited songs that easily rank among the most influential and consequential ever composed by humans!